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The term refers to a set of specific hand and machine sewing and pressing techniques that are unique to the construction of traditional jackets. Retailers of tailored suits often take their services internationally.

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Kurta With Jackets

Kurta With Jackets

We are with the classy Nehru jackets for men. With changing trend some innovative and interesting elements have been added to the classic charm of Nehru jacket giving it a more contemporary and a modern appeal. Lagoon has bought a lot of improvisations, especially in terms of fabric, Nehru jackets are available in many different

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Men’s jodhpuri suits are elegant and have two basic variants – they can either be worn with a kurta or a shirt that is usually crafted in the shape of Nehru jackets. When it comes to creating your own look. Jodhpuri suits for men have proven to be the easiest to accessorize. A jodhpuri suit

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Kurta and pajama is a traditional clothing that never went out of style. With more and more fads coming and going in the men’s fashion there is still no replacement of the traditional men’s kurtas and we at lagoon brings you a very fine collection of the ethnic men’s clothing. When it comes to keeping


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Feel the comfort of perfect fit clothes & natural materials.


We provide various tailoring services with experience.

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To every client with every order by a true devotion.

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Thank you for the best experience ever. It is always nice to know that you can completely rely on a professional team, and get a maximum out of every deal. It looks amazing.

Nathan Dowley

Excellent quality for a reasonable price is the key to your successful business. Definitely the best product so far. I appreciate your efficient assistance, thank you a lot.

Martin Lee

Well done! My suit looks even better than I expected. This fabric and the design are really premium. Impeccable look is highly important these days, on occasion or not.

William Jones

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